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Conex Learning Site

IBP Conex has a new interactive learning website to help you to learn more about out plumbing fittings.

Conex Learning Site

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The IBP Conex Discount Calculator enables you to determine the net price of an item after deducting your individual discount rates.

Simply put in the base price for example, a Conex >B< Press 15mm straight coupler is £1.30. If for instance your discount rate was 25.4%, simply add this and any other discount rate into the boxes leaving the rest blank and press 'Calculate Discount'. Your net price will be given at the bottom, in this example the net price would be £0.9698.

Your discount rates will not remain on the website for others to see.

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IBP News Today

October 2008 -
Will traditional fitting methods go up in flames thanks to new advances?

September 2008 -
Conex >B< Press performs under pressure

May 2008 -
Online learning now online

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