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IBP Conex has a new interactive learning website to help you to learn more about out plumbing fittings.

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New Range - Conex >B< Press Solar

Conex >B< Press Solar Range Overview
  • >B< Press Solar fittings are ideal for solar systems with vacuum and high vacuum tube panels as well as district heating and continuous temperatures above 100°C
  • Suitable for continuous operating temperatures up to 140°C and short term excursions up to 230°C (glycol:water 50:50)
  • >B< Press Solar fittings are also suitable for applications to -20°C
  • Suitable for use with copper tube to EN 1057 (R250 or R290)
  • Tested and approved by SPF (Solartechnik Prüfung Forshung) in Switzerland
  • High quality green FKM O-ring with unique pressing indicator
  • FKM O-rings are suitable for working pressures up to 10 bar
  • Available already assembled in sizes 15-28mm

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