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Conex >B< Press performs under pressure

September 2008

The Conex >B< Press range now incorporates a unique pressing indicator that has been developed to meet a market demand. During installation work where multiple joints are being fitted simultaneously, using >B< Press will offer the professional plumber peace of mind.

Thanks to a patent applied, EPDM O-ring seal, if the >B< Press joint is not pressed it will leak at very low pressures, typically 0.1 to 4.0 bar. There is no need to go to full test pressure to identify leaks. The >B< Press PI removes the danger of expensive leaks from un-pressed joints that remain undetected during the pressure tests. Press jaw orientation does not affect performance and >B< Press does not require 100% inspection of joints unless the test shows a pressure drop.

Conex >B< Press range also has a ‘3 Point Press’ process. Fittings are pressed in 3 areas in one pressing motion, two mechanical presses either side of the O-ring and one hydraulic on the O-ring bead making a permanent secure joint.

The Conex >B< Press range can be used for hot and cold water applications in the size range from 15mm – 108mm. The range includes a comprehensive selection of fittings, reducers and tees, available in copper, red brass and stainless steel, with >B< Press carbon steel launch planned by end 2008. High temperature applications will be catered for during 2008 with the launch of >B< Press Solar, using a specialised O-ring. Specific fittings are available for gas applications from 15-54mm, again using a specialised O-ring.

>B< Press is part of the Conex family of products from IBP, whose quality, durability and ease of installation are relied upon by professional plumbers throughout the UK and Europe.

For more information on the Conex >B< Press range, please visit

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Conex >B< Press performs under pressure

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