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Reference Projects

Harlow College

Conex >B< Press fittings were used for a new build project worth £400k at Harlow College in Essex.

Two new education blocks were built at the College and the contractor, Kershaw Mechanical Services Ltd, used >B< Press fittings for all first fix domestic pipework ranging in size from 15mm to 67mm.

The Conex >B< Press fittings required for the Harlow College contract were supplied by independent supplier, T.G. Lynes.

Edinburgh University


Conex >B< Press fittings have been used for the installation of new potable water services at Edinburgh University. The contract began in September 2006 and Specific Heat Limited, the contractor, has had to fit alongside existing services while the student accommodation has remained occupied in order to cause as little disruption as possible to the residents.

The >B< Press fittings for the project will be supplied by Edinburgh-based Pipe Center.

Aylsebury Supportive Housing Project

IBP Conex has supplied fittings for the Aylsebury New Lodge project in Buckinghamshire. This project involved replacing bed and breakfast accommodation with environmentally and ecologically sustainable supportive housing.

The Dorset-based contractor, Heating and Cooling Services, specified IBP Conex Delcop End Feed and Delbraze fittings in sizes 15 - 108mm and was supplied by the Oxford branch of BSS.

The Hong Qiao Hotel

Conex Delcop End Feed Fittings were used in the building of a high class hotel in Hong Kong. The Hong Qiao Hotel is where Government Officials and guests of the Chinese Government stay.

Etonbury Middle School

Conex >B< Press fittings were used by Phoenix Heating to re-pipe Etonbury Middle School. The area of the Bedfordshire based school which were re-piped were the plant room, corridors, several classrooms and roof-space.

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