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Conex Clyde fittings are the economical choice for low pressure systems and water disposal and industrial applications. They are designed with a long cup ensuring a strong leak-proof joint when correctly installed.

Conex Clyde fittings are available in sizes 66.7-159mm and are suitable for connecting copper tubes in accordance with EN1057 and other standards including ISO 274.

All fittings in the range are manufactured from Copper making them immune to dezincification. Fittings are designed for brazing applications only and are not suitable to be jointed using the soft soldering technique.

Hydraulic working temperatures and pressures based on EN 1254-1 are shown below

Conex Clyde (long cup) - Silver brazing alloys
Size (mm) Working Pressure (Bar)
-20° to 100° 150° 200°
66.7 15.4 13.1 6.9
76.1 15.4 13.1 6.9
108 14.2 12.1 6.4
133 10.6 7.7 4.1
159 11.8 8.6 4.6

Maximum Working Temperatures and Pressures for Water/Glycol Applications

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August 2008-Prices

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Straight Coupler

From: 67MM
To: 108MM

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Reduced Coupler

From: 67X54MM
To: 108X76MM

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Tee - Equal

From: 67MM
To: 159MM

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Sweep Tee - Equal


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Pack Medium Steelwool

From: Other
To: Other

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Cleaning Pads

From: Other
To: Other

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Cleaning Brush

From: 15MM
To: 22MM

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Conex Clyde Fittings, UK